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Making an Environmental Impact
The Questions, Answers and Impacts of the Dense and Controversial Environmental Impact Statement  The EIS, released August 2, is one of those bureaucratic creations that pleases virtually no one. It goes either too far or not far enough, depending on your perspective. Developers see it as an instrument to stop growth. Environmentalists think it is full of holes that will let growth continue at full steam, decimating what's left of the area's natural resources. Full Story

Family Jewels
All That Glitters is the Family Business for these Local Jewelers  The jewelry business -- filled with glittering precious stones, fabulous settings, high-end wrist watches, exquisite jewelry designs and motivated buyers -- is no doubt glamorous and exciting. So what happens when you take the glamour and excitement of the jewelry business and make it a family business?  Full Story

All About Organizing
Follow these Steps from a Professional Organizer to Get Yourself Together  Carolyn Spatta Karlow was a neat child. “My mother told me I was always organizing her dresser drawers,” says Karlow who is organizing more than drawers these days – she’s organizing people and businesses. All About Organizing, Karlow’s fledgling business, is a Naples-based firm for helping small businesses and individuals organize office procedures and paper management. It is a business that Karlow thought would suit her for her “retirement” years. Full Story

Direct Mail Works
Ten Tips to Help Turn Junk into Gold  In these busy times, you may think that the last thing your customer wants is another piece of unsolicited "junk" mail. But simply put, direct mail works. The "junk" turns to gold if it is well targeted and well put together.  Full Story

Coral Scuba
Fun for the Whole Family  Skip Lawrence is a native Floridian. And a self-proclaimed water person. So, as any sensible Floridian who loves the water would, he decided he wanted to spend his life in and around water. What better way to do that than to take your hobby and make it your career?  Full Story


Take Cover, Part Two
1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges: Trends in 2000 and Beyond  One of the most effective ways to accumulate wealth in real estate is the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 1031 tax deferred exchange. And these types of exchanges continue to increase in popularity throughout Florida as more investors discover this powerful technique.  Full Story

Shopping Center Revitalization
Location is Everything  So, you pick a prime location on a busy highway or byway, offer a sought after product or service, advertise in all the right places and viola, you’ve got customers. The only problem is that the sands of time seep through the hourglass. Buildings that house the trendiest retail outlets often turn barren.  Full Story

Getting Employees to Take Care of Your Customers
(So You Can Take Care of Business)  Customers are willing to pay up to 10 percent more if they receive outstanding service, say some studies. How often do you think the service your customers receive is worth an extra 10 percent?  Full Story

DeVoe Automotive Speeds Ahead
With a Wide Area Network (WAN)   If ever there were an unlikely candidate to assemble the sophisticated computer system being put into place at DeVoe Automotive, it is Grant Brosseau. He is hardly your typical babyface computer geek. The 42-year-old Brosseau has been in the car business since 1973 -- as a line technician, dispatcher, service manager, and parts and service troubleshooter with DeVoe. Full Story